We Exterminate Termites, Pests, Bed Bugs in Savannah and Pooler Areas

Pooler, Ga. Pest 

We provide Pest Control, Termite, and Bed Bugs Treatments in Pooler, Ga. 


Roaches can be such a nuisance not to mention they carry diseases and spread germs. We can control Roaches of all types in
Pooler, Ga. German Roaches mainly infest kitchens and bath areas while American and Smoky Brown Roaches usually nest in attics or crawls. So depending on what type of roaches you are having problems with we attack them at their nesting areas with materials that are effective.


Termites do more damage to homes than storms and fires combined. Protect your investment in Pooler,Ga. by having it inspected and protected against termite infestation and damage. We use Liquid Treatments to create a fool-proof barrier around your home that Termites just cant be successful in getting through. This is the most successful method in todays technology.

Bed Bugs Inspections and  Treatments

Our Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatments are the most effective way of eliminating bed bugs in Pooler, Ga.  Bedbugs have no resistance to temperatures above 119 degreees. We heat between 130-135 degrees delivering a lethal temperature to the adults and eggs.
All Bed Bugs and Eggs are eliminated and this treatment comes with a 60 day warranty. There is also an exteneded warranty plan.


Ants are Social insects. They are attracted to sugars and proteins for food. They are also attracted to moisture. We take advantage of their Social food gathering by using baits that they take and share with their other members of their colony. We also have some very effective Sprays for the exterior foundation that works great and holds up for months in Pooler, Ga.


Bed Bug Dogs K9 Inspections

Our Bed Bug Dogs - K9 can inspect multiple units or homes accurately and quickly for bedbugs in
Pooler, Ga. We have 3 dogs and all of them are very proficient in finding bed bugs as this is their job that they perform every day. The dogs know the difference between bed bugs and other insects just like we know the difference between red and blue. Their sense of smell is their greatest sense. They can define the absence or presence of bed bugs in a structure.
Fleas can be a very frustrating insect to deal with. We all love our pets but they can bring fleas into your home which can get infested rather quickly. Our 2 time flea application can relieve you of fleas inside and on the exterior of your home in​ Pooler, Ga. Give us a call and we can give you an estimate and go over the steps it takes to sucessfully get rid of fleas iin your situation. Our treatment takes great care to make sure pets are not bothered by flea treatments but fleas are.
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